NYU Physician, Winter 2012

Minimizing Disfigurement

Breast surgeons are offering a new kind of mastectomy surgery that helps women feel better about their bodies.

In her 1977 book, Illness as Metaphor, essayist Susan Sontag identified warfare as the prominent metaphor for cancer and its treatment. Malignant tumors invade. Treatment kills. The metaphors aren't surprising, considering that at the time Sontag was recovering from a radical mastectomy. That aggressive breast cancer surgery removed almost half of the chest-all breast tissue, all overlying skin, both fan-shaped chest muscles under the breasts, and the underarm lymph nodes.  [Read more]
Breast cancer surgeon Dr. Deborah Axelrod sees patients at NYU Clinical Cancer Center. She is performing mastectomy surgery that preserves the nipple and areola. (Photo: René Pérez)

NYU Physician, Spring 2012

What Pregnant Women Should Know About Their Thyroid

Low thyroid levels can affect the mother's health and her child's development.

In the fall of 2008, fashion and photography editor Kristen Mulvihill hadn't even unpacked from her honeymoon when her new husband, David Rohde, a New York Times reporter, was kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan and held for more than half a year.  [Read more]
Dr. Loren Greene and Kristen Mulvihill
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