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The Boston Globe, August 18, 2010

Spreading the love

Children learn to make their own butter at organic farming conference

AMHERST -- To make very good butter, you need leak-proof jars with lids and a container of heavy whipping cream.

At the 36th annual Northeast Organic Farming Association Summer Conference held at the University of Massachusetts last weekend, Gavin Harper, 19, and his mom Jennifer Byington, led 30 rapt children in a workshop on the ancient dairy art. It turns out to be a great way to entertain them and make food at the same time. [Read more]
Listening to a demonstration on how to make their own butter. (Jason Cucchiara/Northeast Organic Farming Association)
The Boston Globe, May 12, 2010

Artisan chocolates stir following in Northampton

NORTHAMPTON -- When Jenny Katz visits family here, she makes a point of stopping by Cornucopia's Heavenly Chocolate to pick up treats for her two sons back in New Haven.

"I get four chocolates -- two each. They see the brown box and get all excited," she says. [Read more]
Bud Stockwell is owner of Cornucopia's Heavenly Chocolate in Northampton, where Honey Vanilla With Sea Salt chocolates are a local favorite. (Nancy Palmieri for The Boston Globe)

The Boston Globe Magazine, February 10, 2010

Restaurant reaches deal

Rent dispute settled, cafe set to move ahead

NORTHAMPTON -- After an emotional decision last Thursday to close their restaurant over a landlord-tenant dispute, the owners of the much-beloved Green Street Cafe have decided to keep the restaurant open after reaching a settlement with their landlord, Smith College.

Co-owner John Sielski said that he and his partner and co-owner Jim Dozmati had a change of heart after talking with their lawyer over the weekend. [Read more]
The Boston Globe Magazine, February 6, 2010

Town-gown fight in its final days

Northampton cafe owners, deep in debt, to shut down

NORTHAMPTON -- The Green Street Cafe is dishing out its last servings of braised pork belly, crispy roast duck leg confit, and other comfort food that has made this homey bistro a foodie favorite over two decades.

He and co-owner Jim Dozmati were facing a court hearing next week on an eviction notice that Smith had served them. But they've instead decided to leave, are negotiating a settlement with the school, and plan to close the cafe sometime after Valentine's Day. [Read more]
Casey Osburn takes an order. (Photos By Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff)

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