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The Boston Globe, October 24, 2010

This bit of the Long Trail is nothing short of a challenge

STRATTON MOUNTAIN, Vt. -- On the south side of the mountain a mile from the ski area, low-lying clouds create a thick, chill fog around the old fire tower. A companion and I have just climbed up 3.8 miles, hoping for a glimpse of the summit's famous 360-degree views. Instead, we're wildly searching our daypacks for more clothes to put on.  [Read more]

(Matt Larson for The Boston Globe)
The Boston Globe, August 23, 2009

Watered and wild, a grand little canyon

ARAVAIPA CANYON, Ariz. -- Late July is monsoon season here. The sky is overcast and slanting gray rain obscures our destination: the Galiuro Mountains, where the clear, rushing waters of a perennially running creek have cut an 11-mile wilderness gorge known as Aravaipa Canyon. [Read more]
The creek in Aravaipa Canyon is fed by an underground aquifer. (Hal Malde/The Nature Conservancy)

The Boston Globe, June 9, 2010

Berkshire town takes a turn

Adams is trying to find a developer to build a lodge and conference center to help shift its fortunes

ADAMS, Mass. -- This tiny town in the heart of the Berkshires is having a go at something others have tried and failed to do since the 1950s: build a resort at the base of Mount Greylock, the state's highest peak and first wilderness park. [Read more]
A view of Mount Greylock from Adams. The town is looking for a developer to help build a new resort, which would include a conference center. (Photo by Amy Toensing for The Boston Globe/ File 2006)

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