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The Boston Globe, June 9, 2010

Berkshire town takes a turn

Adams is trying to find a developer to build a lodge and conference center to help shift its fortunes

ADAMS, Mass. -- This tiny town in the heart of the Berkshires is having a go at something others have tried and failed to do since the 1950s: build a resort at the base of Mount Greylock, the state's highest peak and first wilderness park. [Read more]
A view of Mount Greylock from Adams. The town is looking for a developer to help build a new resort, which would include a conference center. (Photo by Amy Toensing for The Boston Globe/ File 2006)
The Boston Globe, June 20, 2010

Walk at liberty through Philadelphia history

PHILADELPHIA -- If you've ever had a yen to visit this historic city, now's the time. Next Sunday Southwest Airlines starts flying from Logan to Philadelphia, with five nonstop flights daily. On July 21, Megabus starts running three daily departures from South Station. Both Amtrak's Acela Express and Northeast Regional services run multiple times daily, getting here in five or six hours. [Read more]
"Proclaim LIBERTY throughout the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof" is the biblical inscription on the 2,000-pound bell at the Liberty Bell Center, across from Independence Hall.

The Boston Globe, August 23, 2009

Watered and wild, a grand little canyon

ARAVAIPA CANYON, Ariz. -- Late July is monsoon season here. The sky is overcast and slanting gray rain obscures our destination: the Galiuro Mountains, where the clear, rushing waters of a perennially running creek have cut an 11-mile wilderness gorge known as Aravaipa Canyon. [Read more]
The creek in Aravaipa Canyon is fed by an underground aquifer. (Hal Malde/The Nature Conservancy)

Boston Globe, November 6, 2011

No-Frills Ski and Stay

HAWLEY, Mass. -- Looking for a no-frills vacation in the woods? From December through late March, Stump Sprouts, a mountain-top lodge just this side of the Berkshires, offers 25 kilometers of groomed cross-country ski trails among ice-tinseled trees and snow-covered brooks. At the summit, skiers are rewarded by views that include New Hampshire's Mount Monadnock.  [Read more]
Cross-country skiing is a highlight at Stump Sprouts lodge, where guests bring their own bedding and share a dining hall.  (Photograph courtesy of Stump Sprouts)

Boston Globe, December 25, 2011

In Arizona, a biodiversity hot spot goes beyond science

PORTAL, Ariz. -- For birders in the Southwest, the elegant trogon is the Holy Grail. A tropical parrot-like species, with a bright red breast, iridescent green top feather, and a long coppery tail, the trogon comes up from Mexico each spring to breed along area creeks.  But it's not just trogons that make the place special.  It is home to the American Museum of Natural History's Southwestern Research Station and has been dubbed one of the world's "biodiversity hotspots."  [Read more]
The elegant trogon, a tropical bird from Mexico, usually comes to breed near the Southwestern Research Station in southeastern Arizona in late March or early April. (Photo: Dawn Wilson)
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